The Million Dollar Dealmaker.

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Salespeople have closed over $185,000,000 in sales using the Million Dollar Dealmaker Framework.

When you’re selling B2B, whether as an Enterprise AE, SDR, VP, CEO or generalist…

You’re only one deal away from the life of your dreams. 

But that is ONLY if you know how to: 

Create investments that get the attention of the CSuite, in any market, don’t require a budget and transform businesses.

Use the Math and analysis skills that CFO’s and boards use to make decisions behind closed doors in board rooms around the world.

Use Wallstreet research to deeply understand your prospect's businesses and industries, not just gimmicky marketing tactics.

Become an Executive Deal Maker at any age, with any amount of experience, that is a trusted advisor to decision makers and leads companies through transformational investments.

In this 2 minute letter, I’m going to tell you the exact framework that executive whispers use to thrive, while others are unsure or scared about their future. 

But, I want to let you in on a secret. 

In B2B there is ONE thing that will make or break you. 

The language that you use to communicate.  

That's right, the words you use, and the way your frame your questions, presentations, and meetings could literally be the difference between a multi-million dollar sale, and “we’re going to discuss internally and get back to you” that we all know goes nowhere. 

But, before I introduce you to the Million Dollar Dealmaker Toolkit, let me ask you a question.

  • Are you communicating like a salesperson or a seasoned executive?
  • Do you know the investment returns from your products?
  • Do you know if your product meets the objectives your prospects laid out to their investors?
  • Do you know if you are solving your client's biggest risks, that they’ve confessed to Wall Street?
  • Are your prospects working with you to run towards your one-year review, or are you dragging them to signing day?

If you answered no, you’re in for a surprise. 

Because I’ve taught countless students to get results like this:

And yes I can teach you how to put together a deal, for any industry, in and niche, and sell any B2B product or service without a budget, in any economy. 

This isn’t repackaged Sandler, Medpic, or Gap. Sales processes are for sellers and small deals, not for your customers and transformation. 

There is no silver bullet. 

No social selling secret that will have you posting to Linkedin 5 times a day. 

No mandate to make 100 calls a day or work 6 days a week to be successful. 

This is a simple 4 part framework that allows you to communicate clearly with executive teams, helping them to transform their businesses and help you close the largest deals of your life. 

If you’re wondering what products this works with, here are some of the products my students have sold.

  1. Solar
  2. Saas
  3. Data
  4. Construction 
  5. Manufacturing
  6. Medical Devices
  7. Investment research

And a whole lot more. 

I assure you, whether you are a seasoned executive, enterprise AE, entrepreneur or SDR, this will transform your life. 

Adam has changed the way he approaches his business and coaches his CEO/ VP of sales clients.

Michael has learned to become an Advisor to his clients in a way he didn't know was possible, and unlocked an entirely new world of earning potential.

David is exceeding the goals for his team and building a record-breaking new business.

So, yes this works. 

But who am I and why should you listen to me….

I’ve just a business guy like you. 

Who’s been a part of over $175 Million in enterprise sales. 

Working directly with senior executives at business-like:

I've also worked with numerous Fortune 500 Companies and Multi-Billion Dollar Hedge Funds, but out of respect to NDA's I don't list them.

  • At my past three companies, I've sold the largest deals in company history. I'm talking huge multimillion-dollar deals. 
  • I've scaled 3 startups. We sold the last one to a large public company.
  • I was on the board of a top business school for 7 years. I've worked with countless students to help them move their careers forward. 
  • I'm a board member or advisor at multiple companies

In 4 Short Minutes I'll Walk You Through Exactly What You Will Learn

But I have a secret. 

I use to hate sales. 

Hate it, I was awful.

I had big dreams of being like one of those effortless dealmakers.. 

You know ones that are real-life versions of. 

Harvey Spector

Elizabeth Sloan

Bobby Axelrod

And I did everything sales trainers and managers told me to do.

I set upfront contracts, identified pain, talked decision making, set next steps... 

Challenged when I was supposed to, handled objections, and made 10’s of thousands of dials. 

And, it wasn’t enough.

Then I remembered a conversation I had with a mentor who was CEO of a multi-billion dollar company.

He said that at their core, a CEO’s job was to allocate resources:

  • Time
  • Money
  • Personnel
  • Energy

To make the best investment returns for the companies.

But I’d never talked about investment returns; none of my peers did either.

Instead, we talked about product, pain, implementation, and pricing.

It hit me.

My problem was thinking like a salesperson while CEOs were thinking like INVESTORS.


CEOs make investments to solve problems and decrease risks while increasing the potential for their businesses to thrive.

Back to those effortless deal makers… Their secret wasn’t knowing the latest sales tricks and closes.

It was speaking the language of executives. The language of investments, risk, and return.

 So I embarked on a journey. 

I spent hundreds of hours studying finance, accounting, and investment models. 

I listened to countless hours of investor presentations, studied for my CFA, and met one on one with more executives than I can count.

Over the course of a few years, I refined the nuance and simplicity of communicating like an executive deal maker.…not just the speaking and writing, but the MATH and INVESTMENT MODELS to back it up.

I figured out how to sell my existing products as investments while gaining the trust of my prospects and becoming a transformative advisor to their businesses.

And the results were insane.

The size of the deals I was doing grew by over 500x. 

I was getting referrals in and out of my industry, building a reputation.  

Sales became fun, rewarding and extremely lucrative!

The skills in the Million Dollar Dealmaker Toolkit (MDDT) are not a fad, they can’t be outdated, because at their core they are the timeless building blocks of executive-level business… just crafted so that anyone can learn them, and use them in under 2 hours. 

It’s a simple framework. 

What is included in The Million Dollar Dealmaker Tool Kit:

Video Session 1: Overview-Selling your existing products as investments.- You don't need new products you need a new framework for how you discuss, analyze, and present the ones you have. 

Video Session 2: What is an investment? A deep dive education on exactly what an investment is in the eyes of the executives you sell to. 

Video Session 3: Creating Investment Analysis For Executives (Including prebuilt excel models)- Excel models translate your vision for your products into the reality a CEO, COO and CFO buy into. I'll show you exactly how to do it like the pros. 

Video Session 4: 27 Finance Questions That Make Millions- Understanding how a customer or prospect thinks about money, measures, and stacks value is the secret between a small deal and a transformational one. These questions and the context help you maximize your opportunities. 

Video Session 5: Analyzing Annual Reports and 10k's to understand your customer's business better than anyone. The information that drives hedge funds, private equity and pension funds is right there at your fingertips.... if you can sort through it and translate it. I'll teach you how to quickly digest vast amounts of data to get to what really matters to your customers and prospects.

Video Session 6: Utilizing Publicly Traded Investor Presentations To Understand The Markets You Serve. C-Suite executives work hard to market their own businesses to investors. It's completely different than how companies market themselves to customers, I'll show you how to sort through the information and how you can hone it to engage your clients.

Video Session 7: Course Review- Tie it all together and make sure you have the path to continue to do the biggest deals of your career. Plus a PDF of the entire presentation.

Plus These 9 Bonuses

BONUS 1: Proven Premade Excel Investment Templates for you to use today. Anyone will be able to use these to create executive-worthy investment presentations. $1,000

BONUS 2: Deal Management 101- This is the proven framework I use, that can cut your sales cycles by up to 65%. By shifting the focus of your process from a signature date to a one-year review, and integrating all parts of a company into a deal at the right time, you can create momentum and excitement inside your prospects' business. This framework allows you to never give up your power, control a deal from start to finish, and never face the "single" stakeholder/ influencer problem. Includes downloadable excel templates to share with your team and your prospects. A $2,500 dollar value.

BONUS 3: Video- Behind the boardroom doors: I worked with one of Warren Buffets' senior finance executives, who’s gone on to lead one of the fastest growing companies in the world to bring you, into the boardroom and see what takes place when you are not there. This 38-minute video is priceless, but his time is worth $5,000 an hour. 

BONUS 5: MDDT Summit Speakers Session 1: If you sign up by the end of September, you will be able to attend our 45 minute LIVE Q&A with this same Berkshire Hathaway executive where no business question is off limits. $7,500 value.

BONUS 6: MDDT Summit Speakers Session 2: If you sign up by the end of September you will be able to join our 45 minute LIVE Q&A with the best salesperson in Oracle History Jamal Reimer. $1,250 value

BONUS 7: MDDT Summit Speakers Session 3: Legendary Founder of Prouduct and Bestselling Author Richie Norton, writer of The Power of Starting Something Stupid and the new book Anti-Time Management. You will be able to attend our 45 minute live Q&A with Richie. You will also be getting a copy of his new book for free! A $7,500 value. 

The MDDT Summit speakers are going to be limited in attendance, so sign-ups are first come first serve.

BONUS 8: My continuing education list I give to all my sales teams to go even deeper and pursue mastery. $250

BONUS 9: Lifetime access to this course and all future versions. I am passionate about taking your feedback and updating this over tie. You only pay once a $5,000 value. 

That's $30,625 in bonuses. 

So, how much does the Million Dollar Dealmaker Toolkit cost?

You know it's not free.

But before you make up your mind. 

I want to remind you that not implementing MDD is going to cost you ALOT in 2022 and 2023. We all know that the way companies do business has changed.  

If you don’t start implementing this TODAY…

Not only are you missing out on working the biggest deals of your life, getting the biggest commissions of your life…. The opportunity to build the life that you deserve. 

You can't forget that we are in the most competitive market in history, you’re going to be left behind when your competitors evolve, and you don’t. 

Today lifetime access to MDD costs $500. 

When it started it was less…


Because I’m always upgrading the course and its content and the value we create. 

You will get access to everything… forever. 

So my promise is simple. If you finish the course and are not 100% satisfied with it, I’ll refund you within 30 days. 

For real. If you take the course, and genuinely implement the system for 30 days and you’re not happy. DM me or email me and I’ll refund you. 

Have any Questions?

Do I need to sell to public companies to benefit from this course?

No! This works for anyone selling products or projects.

Do I need to be in an AE or Executive Level Role to benefit from this?

Definitely not. This course is for anyone that is in a sales or marketing profession. 

What if I am not in sales, is this course worth it?

If you are selling projects internally, or want to understand how larger projects get done, this course will help you level up… period.

Do I need to be an excel power user?

No, I teach you how to create investment models in excel projects and include premade templates so that ANYONE can create investment-worthy presentations.

This seems like a lot of money, how can I pay for it?

I love the saying don’t invest in the S&P 500, invest in the S&PME. Now granted, I invest a lot in the markets. But there is no more immediate return on investment than investing in yourself. Warren Buffet himself said the best investment he ever made was in a course he paid for to help him in a weakness of his. Armed with this knowledge students have gotten new jobs, closed the largest deals of their careers, and launched companies. Making $5,000 from this course in short order is completely reasonable. 

Do you offer a certificate of completion so that my company will pay for this?

YES! We even have a brief quiz to authenticate that you completed the course and can provide you with a signed letter of completion. 

Do you recommend your students on Linkedin and other social media sites?

Definitely, I love recommending and supporting our community. 

Who is this not for?

Business to consumer companies. If you sell T-shirts and Swag to people… I can’t help you…. With this call. 

What can I expect to get out of our call?

I’ll answer any business/ career questions (within reason) and help you workshop any questions you have. 

Do you offer affiliate programs?

YES! If you have taken the course, please reach out to me.

Remember you are only one deal away from the life of your dreams.

I'm excited to be a part of your success story.


I want this!
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The Million Dollar Dealmakers Tool Kit. Close Deals 10-25x Larger and Faster than ever before using the simple language and communication skills of senior executives. 

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The Million Dollar Dealmaker.

13 ratings
I want this!